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Archive for May 4, 2011


When I hear “Doin’ It Right” I think of one word, “Disappointing”. I was just not impressed with Afrojack’s most recent release. There was the obvious fanfare because his name has become synonymous with quality Dutch House, but I just wasn’t feeling it.

I began to fear that Jack was entering a downward spiral. Then I heard Selecta, and my fears were immediately quelled as if the 6’8″ Dutch giant had stepped on them with his massive size 13 boot.

1)Selecta (Original Mix)-Afrojack & Quintino **Dumb Hot**

Catchy vocal sampling, infectious bounce, and the trademark heavy-side-chained  Afrojack synths make this a keeper.



We Are Your Friends

Finals Week=Jack too lazy to look for new music.

That’s totally chill though because I have mad old fuego that you’ve never even heard.

1)We Are Your Friends (Chris Moody Mix)-Justice **Dumb Hot**

Another “We Are Your Friends” Remix? Not so fast there tiger… Before you write off this release, keep in mind this is the preferred mix that the Bergling has been playing out lately. When you hear that drop you’ll know why. It teases the vocals and leads into something that is easily transitioned out of.