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Open Your Guys

Quick post today so I can go enjoy the beautiful day outside. Here’s the Mifflin weekend anthem

1)Open Your Eyes (Tim Mason Festival Mix)-Alex Metric & Steve Angello ***FUEGO***

Phat shout to Anze at 310 for bequeathing me with this massive jam.



Gregori Klosman knows how to apologize.

When Chuckie announced that DDDV4 was getting delayed until Mid-May, Gregori Klosman knew that his most avid fans would be somewhat upset. Rather than brushing off their ire, Klosman pulled a stand-up move, and released his highly anticipated bootleg pack. Below is my favorite track of the 5-song release. grab the whole pack by clicking HERE.

1) American French Meichine (Gregori Klosman Bootleg)-Dirty South & Sebastian Ingrosso vs. AMF *Hot*

Right when I’m about to write an interview question asking Gregori how he escapes falling into the typical Disco sound of most French producers, he bangs this release out. It’s really fresh though. I’ve now heard heard amazing Dutch-House, Disco-House, and Tech-House from Klosman. What’s next? Trance? I guess only time will tell.


ATTENTION: Play Me After Avicii

Avicii is tomorrow. It ends kindof early and I’m sure the party is going to keep going throughout various areas of Madison. Here are some hand-picked goodies to keep the night alive when you are winding down after the show.

Some of you reading this may be new to B10. For most computers, to download a track, simply click on it. If that doesn’t work, right-click and click “Download Linked File”

1) What They Say (Dyed Soundorom Remix)-Maya Jane Coles

2) Don’t Say A Word (Sharam’s Own Remix)-Sharam

3) La La Song (Spencer & Hill Remix)-Bob Sinclar

4) Raw (Original Mix)-David Amo, Julio Navas, & Gustavo Bravetti

5)Coma Cat (Round Table Knights Remix)– Tensnake

6) Tarantula (Original Mix)-Pleasurekraft

R3hab goes HAM

This is quickly becoming

I’m ok with that though if he keeps putting out releases like this.

1) Something on Your Mind (R3hab Remix)– Mync feat. Abigail Bailey

I prided myself on listening to the Dada Life April Mix yesterday and hearing this track. I immediately knew who the remixer was without even looking. He’s got a sound, and it’s good. It makes you want to jump around and act like a buffoon. I’m down with that. Nobody has been able to harness the Afrojack sound with the control that R3hab does. I suspect that after “Prutaata” drops, he will be a household name.


Autoerotique plants himself firmly on the map

Those of you who were in attendance for Steve Aoki @ The Orpheum Theatre may have witnessed Autoerotique spin and never even realized it. His original productions have been incredibly on point though recently, and merit close attention.

1) Freak (Original Mix)-Autoerotique **Dumb Hot**

I always find it intriguing when EDM sub-genres become tangled together in a single production. It’s bound to happen when every record is in the 126-132 range. When it works brilliantly though, it’s really something to behold. In this track, Autoerotique’s first drop is dark and techy. The second drop busts out some hard electro-synths more in the vein of his sound. Super-tight. As Andre 3000 says, “It all blends perfectly”.


He’s coming.

It’s almost time. The hottest DJ in the world hits Madison, Forever changing the way Mad Ave will be perceived as a venue.

Less than 100 tickets left.

If you haven’t already, Get your tickets HERE

1) Agora (Original Mix)-Thomas Gold ***FUEGO***

This track was featured on Strictly Rhythm Records’ Avicii Miami chart. It bumps. Perfect track to get you ready for the melodic rhythms of the Swedish wunderkind on Wednesday.


Sidney, set me on FIRE

2% already gave you Sidney Samson 101 a while back, so consider this 201. Another banger from yet another Dutch superstar. Sidney might not be getting the same hype as his boy Afrojack right now, but he’s been killing it. School yourself. I added a dece remix of the track and another MUST download to the post. Enjoy.

#1) Set Me On Fire (Original Mix) – Sidney Samson

Love the lyrics. He shows some diversity with the skills in this one. A little smoother on the ears than his normal super-electroy Dutchy sounds. I like. You will too. Is calling it FIRE too cliche? Nahhh

#2) Set Me On Fire (Apster Remix) – Sidney Samson

Don’t know much about this kid, but I like this remix. Definitely can’t say it beats the original, but it may actually be more Dutchy.

#3) Punkass (Original Mix) – Sidney Samson

I am SHOCKED this track hasn’t been posted yet. Enormous drop. MUST download if you don’t have.