House Music, It's La Cosa Nostra

Baby Making Music Vol. 6…Or 7. I don’t recall.

There is no Black without White,

And thus there are no  furiously intense sexual encounters without the slower, more intimate moments.

Somewhere in Michigan, Nak3d is cursing me for posting 116 and 109 BPM tracks on this blog.

But both of these tracks were on Tong’s Essential Mix this week, so obv they hold some clout.

1)Hypnotize U- N*E*R*D


Do you like Al Green? Me too! You’re gonna love this track then. ‘Rell summons up his best Al Green, and the end result is a highly erotic track that was named Pete Tong’s Essential Track of the Week last week.

2) Somebody to Love Me (feat Boy George & Miike Snow)-Mark Ronson


First off, yes you are reading that correctly. Boy George. From the Culture Club. A living legend. With modern upstarts Miike Snow and Mark Ronson, this is a Brit’s wet-dream right here. And certainly, the end result is a morose, moderately nostalgic track that plays to everyone’s insecurities, which somehow translates to being a great song to fuck to.

Always wrap it up! (unless she’s somewhat clean and on the pill, that is!)


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