House Music, It's La Cosa Nostra

Rusko Popped as well.

So I’ll be honest, my knowledge of Dubstep is about as good as my knowledge of Physics (Thanks Ms. Steer), but I went to Rusko’s impromptu set at The Green Dolphin last night and shit popped. My qualms with dubstep have always been the lack of danceability, and the unsavory crowd that these events bring, but homie had such an amazing stage presence, he opened himself up for photo-ops, etc. Cool peeps. I’m officially on #TeamRusko

1) Woo Boost (Original Mix)-Rusko


I need to get the fuck out of Chicago. I’ve been going so fucking hard this weekend. It’s time to get back to Madison right in time for the midnight release of Madden. I wasn’t too familiar with Rusko before last night, but Dillon tells me that this is his big hit, so peep.


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