House Music, It's La Cosa Nostra


Nothing is official yet, but it looks like Bottle Service is finally coming to Madtown.

I met with some very forward-thinking bar-owners today to discuss bringing cheap, affordable tables to a new Madison spot, providing the best of both worlds- the glamour of the clubs back home, and the prices Wisco is known for.

Stay Tuned.

Today is a celebratory day. Madtown’s gonna pop weekly next year, and the much anticipated DU Ravemitzvah is 4 days away. as such, download one of the all-time classics, a track that is def getting burn at Saturday’s party.

1) Ride Like the Wind (Klaas Remix)-Michael Mind


What can be said about one of the most famous electro-house bangers? A track that evokes such strong memories of Trumpower’s fabled a-bars, a trend your boy is going to try to bring back in full force this year. Smoke, lights, and other goodies. Lets get it.

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