House Music, It's La Cosa Nostra

My New Favorite Song

So last night I received a private message from The Talented Mr. Sterling and co.

I had been listening to this track all day, and after recording me rebuttal video at like 3:46am,

I decided to blast this track on my amazing bedroom sound system.

Ladies, seriously. Come test it out one day.

1) What You Know (Cassian Remix)-Two Door Cinema Club


You know how sometimes I like to wax prolific about how a music is so Miami Vice? This song truly captures the essence of that. I could pin it down to the heavy presence of the synthesizer, or the guitar riff, but there are so many intangibles that give it this quality. This is SoBe Music. This is Crocket and Tubbs driving down the MacArthur Causeway in 2010 in a brand new 599 GTB… And if you aren’t down to rep the throwback quality, then get the fuck off my blog.


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